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April, 2009
Spring is in the air and termites are beginning to enjoy the weather and come out of the soil.

Termites come in various shapes and sizes. The early stage termite actually looks like a maggot or small kernels of rice. The more mature termite has two body parts; a large thorax and head. By the time we see them, they are swarming adults with wings. Wing termites and flying ants look awfully familiar however a flying ant has three distinct body parts with a smaller thorax, mid section and head.

Once the spring rains come and begin to saturate the soil, the termites move to higher ground and typically into the home. Soil contact with siding or high mulch levels against the building become a magnet for wood destroying insects. Typically we look for at least 2-4 inches of clearance between the soil and siding. Raised beds close to the building that allow water to drain back toward the structure is also an invitation to these insects.

As you may be aware Tri-County Inspection Company services 13 counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Because of the expanse of our territory, we utilize the services of different termite companies to assist your client and us with wood destroying insect inspections at the same time as your home inspection. We chose very carefully what companies to align ourselves with, as we only seek the best professionals for the benefit of your client.

Tri-County has over 24 years in the home inspection business, has an excellent reputation, offers a narrative report and conducts radon testing and now wood destroying insect inspections. We will never guarantee that our prices are the lowest but we can guarantee you that there is no better service available in our area.

One last note - Tri-County Inspection Company has recently been asked to affilate with the National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals (NAGLREP).

With spring around the corner, the economic news stabilizing, mortgage refinancing taking off, banks offering credit, first time homebuyers having fantastic programs available to them, agents getting busy once more; hopefully the worst is behind us. Tri-County is busy. These are all good factors for rejuvenation.

Jack H. Milne, Jr. President, Tri-County Inspection Co.